Local Magician Noah Wells Earns Exclusive License to Present “Discover Magic” Educational Program in the Destin, FL Area

Discover Magic is a National Program Created by a Team of Magicians Including Famed, Award-Winning Magician Michael Ammar. It Teaches Essential Life Skills to Young Children Through the Art of Illusion, and will be Taught at Noah’s Brand New “Super Cool Magic School”!

 Local magician Noah Wells has been awarded the exclusive rights to teach the Discover Magic educational program in the Destin, FL area.  This national program is specially designed to teach key life skills to 8-12 year olds through the process of learning to perform magic.  The course was created by internationally-known, award winning, magician and educator Michael Ammar, and his creative team after nearly twenty years of research.

 Studies have shown that the art of magic helps students build key life skills like self-discipline, self-confidence and interpersonal abilities.  In fact, scientists frequently study magicians’ techniques to gain new insight into how the human mind works.  The Discover Magic course is an educational program specifically designed to teach Respect, Creativity, Confidence and preparedness among other things.  In fact, it’s best described as a life skills course camouflaged to look like magic lessons.  Kids become so engrossed and entertained in learning the magic tricks that they don’t realize they’re acquiring skills whose benefits they’ll reap for a lifetime.  Indeed, many opportunities for performing magic tricks arise later in adult life, whether as an ice breaker for businessmen or a doctor who uses magic tricks to put their young patients at ease. 

 “We’re proud to award Noah Wells the exclusive rights to operate the Discover Magic program in Destin,” said magician Michael Ammar, co-founder of Discover Magic.  “Our program has been proven to teach essential life skills like creativity, confidence, planning and practice that last a lifetime.  Studies have consistently shown that kids who learn magic grow up to be adults who are more analytical and discerning, develop keen empathic abilities and social skills.”

 Every Discover Magic class features custom created props, one of the Traits of a True Magician, Top Secret file folders for every child and even special bonus material the kids can unlock online with a secret code after each class.  The tricks taught are specially designed to encourage and reinforce the life skill being focused on during that lesson.

Please check back here soon for updates. Registration for Noah’s first camp will open soon at www.CoolMagicSchool.com

Did you know that Noah is available for one-on-one magic lessons?

In Person

For many years, Noah has tutored children in the art of magic and illusion. Noah’s magic lessons are more than just teaching magic tricks to your child. Noah will help your child learn a new skill set, boost their confidence, teach them about showmanship and public speaking, and they’ll have tons of fun in the process! 

Noah’s magic lessons range from as few as one or two lessons for your child, up to working with your child weekly for several months, depending on the goals that the parent is trying to accomplish with their child. Lessons usually take place in either your home, or a public meeting area in the Panama City Beach area. This program is excellent for locals, but if you’re here visiting on vacation, feel free to contact Noah while you’re in town to setup a lesson or two while you’re here!

*Magic Lessons run 45-60 minutes depending on child’s age
*Magic Lessons are for children age 5-11
*Each lesson includes a free magic trick for the child to learn and keep
*Due to Noah’s busy performance schedule, availability is extremely limited

Internet Via Skype

Interested in taking magic lessons with Noah, but you’re bummed because you don’t live anywhere near Panama City Beach, FL? No problem, let’s Skype! In this one hour Skype session, your one-on-one magic lesson with Noah will cover anything magic related you’d like to work on to help you reach the goals that you may have for yourself or your child. If you’re a beginner, Noah can teach you new simple to do tricks, and if you’re more advanced, Noah can help you polish your routines and help turn your hobby into a profession.

After your purchase of one (or more) Skype sessions, Noah will reach out to you to schedule the session(s) at a mutually agreed upon time. If you’re interested in purchasing 8 or more Skype sessions at once, please email Noah at [email protected] ahead of time to receive a bulk lessons discount. Schedule your lesson today and let’s learn some magic!

*Skype Lessons are for magicians of all ages

To inquire about either the “In Person” or “Skype” magic lessons for your child, please email Noah at [email protected] or send him a message with the form below. Noah will respond as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours. Thanks so much!

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